ARGENTINA, with the guidance of BOOMERANG VIAJES, every destination offers you SUSTAINABLE TOURISM, a 360-degree EXPERIENTIAL TOURISM

Destinations where Nature and Culture offer us the perfect blend, excursions with cultural and social identity in incredible natural settings, preserved and safeguarded environments.

A diverse range of options allows you to tailor your trip. Tours designed with transparent negotiations, paying the fair price.


Argentina… is Patagonia.

Argentina… is Buenos Aires.

Argentina… is the northwest.

Argentina… is Iguazu Falls.

Argentina is rivers, lagoons, highlands, wetlands, ravines, jungle, forests, plains, glaciers.

Argentina… is Route 40, Route 68, Route 14, Route 41…

Argentina… is the Guaraní people, the Omaguaca people, the Mapuche people… etc.

Argentina is the land of wines, the land of barbecues, the land of empanadas… Argentina is land and sea.

Argentina… is the whale, the guanaco, the toucan, the llama, the woodpecker, the suri, the yacaré, the capybara…

Argentina… is the Tango, the zamba, the tin tin, the chacarera, the cuarteto, the chamamé, the cueca…

Above all, ARGENTINA is its People… who open their homes and hearts to you to live a unique experience you won’t forget. Each natural and human landscape is unique… we invite you to Discover Argentina with Boomerang Viajes.