We are an agency promoting Solidarity Tourism


“Create authentic exchanges that enrich
people through compassionate action”

Social Potencial

We are a bridge that connects travelers with local communities, recognizing and enhancing the natural, cultural, social, and economic wealth in a sustainable way

«Inspired by the principles of the Economy of Comunion,we seek to adhere to the guidelines of Responsible Tourism, one that preserves the environment, revalues local cultures, contributes to economic distribution and comprehensive human development, and fosters conscious travel.

Our commitment is to accompany and understand the type of experience you’re seeking, providing advice from the first encounter with a wide range of destinations and customized options. With the constant support of a professionals team of Tourism ready to offer you the best recommendations for you to discover a new way of traveling”.

Bettina González, Directora of Boomerang Viajes


Boomerang Viajes was founded in 2001 as the first Solidarity Tourism agency in Argentina, inspired by the Economy of Communion Project, a new economy centered around people with the goal of promoting a new culture based on distributive equity, eradicating poverty, and recovering values of fraternity, communion, and reciprocity in economic life.

The vision of Solidarity Tourism aims to promote inclusion and equitable distribution of tourism expenditure, identify underdeveloped areas with high tourism potential, facilitate cultural and community exchange, and preserve the environment. The initial experiences were in the Region of Las Flores-Misiones, and it has since expanded to cover five regions in Argentina, as well as other countries and continents.

The agency’s growth, starting with just two employees and now boasting a team of nine, has paralleled the development of Solidarity Tourism and the formation of a Conscious Traveler who gives positive meaning to the concept of comprehensive development.

Boomerang Viajes is a certified B Corporation with triple impact since 2019 and re-certified in March 2023. We are a signatory member of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism, where we strengthen our commitment to a management model for the development of sustainable tourism. We hold the certification for Tourism Sustainability Guidelines for Organizations and have received the distinction of IRAM Standards from the National Tourism Secretariat.

Bettina González, and by extension, Boomerang Viajes, is a leading figure in Sustainable Tourism since the implementation of the Solidarity Tourism model, as a means to achieve sustainability. This is why she is called upon to participate as a speaker at various congresses, talks, events, and universities, both nationally and internationally.

Economy of Comunion


Boomerang Viajes is a company inspired by the Economy of Communion (EdC). It is a project focused on a people-centered economic approach, with around 800 companies from various industries worldwide participating. The project’s aim is to promote a new culture based on distributive equity, eradicate poverty, and recover the values of fraternity, communion, and reciprocity in economic life. It includes entrepreneurs, associations, and economic institutions, as well as workers, managers, consumers, scholars, citizens, and families across all five continents.

At Boomerang Viajes, we adhere to these principles while maintaining a consistent goal: to contribute to poverty reduction through a new corporate management culture centered around the individual. 

How do we achieve this? 

We prioritize work structures that allow us to live out the values, which are often lost in the market, to ensure that employees’ professional and personal lives are not disjointed.

These principles have led us to deepen our activities, analyze global demand behaviors, study destinations, and measure the impacts travelers have. We recognize the importance of pre-travel training and the need for a network of partnerships and mixed collaboration (Public-Private). We believe that working alone is insufficient; alliances are essential in our industry, and it’s also one of the challenges posed by the Economy of Communion.

When we bring new members into our team, we prioritize those who are unemployed or in dire need of change to improve their quality of life. We emphasize profit distribution in three key areas: enabling the company to grow and create jobs, fostering personal growth, and helping people in poverty.

Our greatest challenge is to establish transparent and efficient business practices while maintaining consistency and building trust to work within a value chain rooted in this same culture.

Media Coverage

Bettina González, and her travel agency Boomerang Viajes, are a benchmark in Sustainable and Solidarity Tourism. Through various media channels, she participates in press releases to disseminate the concepts and good practices of a sustainable and conscious tourist

Press contact:  prensa@boomerangviajes.tur.ar