Social sensitivity is part of 

the DNA of our company 

The community fulfills the human need for social interaction and meaning creation through connections with others. Leading, directing, and managing a company from a social perspective involves conceiving the company as a community, as a group of people who share a common life.

Our commitment lies in making these two words walk together…

Chiara Lubich saw communion as the answer to the inadequacy of “individualistic” economic models, which generate exclusion, inequality, loneliness, sadness, and many other forms of poverty.

Seeing the world from the perspective of the poor, from the victims, implies listening to and embracing the pain of others. Poverty cannot be solved with money alone, without the embrace of communion. The miracle of communion only happens when life is shared as well. Sharing life makes sense only when it is given, and given with joy.

Can tourism contribute to poverty reduction?

A market not based solely on prices and currency, but primarily on self-production and wealth redistribution. Communion is the multiplication of goods, the creation of new bread, new goods, more Good with a capital “G.”

It’s not enough to give money to victims of the economic system; it’s necessary to change the rules and act beforehand to prevent exclusion.

Our experience has allowed us to discover in the tourism ecosystem how much can be contributed to the development of individuals and their environments. Working from this perspective has even revealed a blessed poverty, chosen by those who care for our common home and cultural identity, providing us with the richness of biodiversity and cultural diversity.