General Manager (CEO)

“I am convinced that it is possible to build a sustainable tourism value chain, starting with the weaving of trust bonds and the creation of transparent businesses.”

International Sales

“I enjoy creating sustainable packages so that passengers adopt a participative attitude, generating a low impact on the environment and creating income for the local population”

Sales Manager

“In Boomerang Viajes, I discovered that sustainable tourism is possible. It’s exciting and motivating to be able to, through this profession, care for and preserve the environment and generate a positive impact in each destination”

Argentine Sales

“Traveling makes us more aware of inclusion and diversity.”


“Every day I discover this new field, which is tourism, and I love it from the perspective that the company takes.”

General Manager of Administration

“The dynamism in day-to-day operations, the ongoing relationship with different operators, and the teamwork are things that captivated me about Boomerang Viajes.”

Art Boomerang

“We aim to create a space where various forms of artistic expression serve as a means to engage with villages and cultures.”

Sustainable and Solidarity Tourism Consultant

“”What I love most about my job is making tourism a means of development.”

Lic. Alejandra Dieguez

“Tourism allows me to live out my calling to serve. Valuing cultural diversity and acknowledging people at the core of my daily work, recognizing and respecting their needs”

Macarena Barlocci

“I am excited to create conscious trips that can help build a tourism sector that benefits people and the planet. Investing in sustainable tourism is investing in a better future for everyone”


“What we like the most about working with Boomerang Viajes as a client is the variety of destinations and places we get to know.”

Bettina Gonzalez

I am convinced that it is possible to build a sustainable tourism value chain, starting with the weaving of trust bonds and the creation of transparent businesses

Lic. Bettina González

Since 2001, Director of Boomerang Viajes, a Travel and Tourism company inspired by the Economy of Communion business model. A reference in Solidarity and Sustainable Tourism in Argentina and the global network.

Academic Background and Development

Bachelor of Tourism (U.M), Postgraduate Course in Social Economy and Local Development (Flacso). She worked as a professor in the Tourism programs at UCES, Inst. Ecole La Suisse, and ISO. Guest lecturer in the “Ethics and Human Development Program PAS (Amartya Sen Program)” at the National University of La Plata. She has presented at multiple national and international conferences on the topics of “The Centrality of the Individual as a Management Model” and “Solidarity Tourism as a Development Model.” She has provided guidance and support to marketing networks for small rural and community enterprises and entrepreneurial strengthening. Member of the Association of Entrepreneurs of EDC Argentina (Economy of Communion Argentina).

Paula González

What I love most about my job is making tourism a means of development

Paula González

Paula González is an advisor in sustainable tourism and tourism development. Alongside Bettina González, she designed the model of Solidarity Tourism as a way to live tourism and achieve sustainability. In 2006, she initiated the study on Community Tourism in Argentina for the former Secretary of Tourism of the Nation. She was also the technical lead for the program on Social Responsibility in that department. Paula was involved in the “Sustainable Tourist Municipalities” project, driven by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the province of Salta. Over the course of nearly 20 years, she worked on development processes in indigenous and rural communities, creating value in collaboration with various stakeholders from the private sector, public sector, academia, and civil society.

As part of the Episcopal Commission for Migrants and Itinerants of the Argentine Episcopal Conference, Paula designed the Sustainable and Solidarity Tourism Development Program in the Northwestern Region of Argentina (Sustainable Tourism Noa), which she coordinated until 2017.

Academic Background and Development

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism (U.M) and completed the Postgraduate Program in Sustainable Tourism and Local Development at the Delnet Program – CIT International Training Center – ILO- International Labor Organization- Turin. In the academic sphere, she teaches in the Tourism and Hospitality program and the Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Business Management at the National Technological University. She also worked as a teacher at Ecole La Suisse Institute.